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Group and Equipped Group Study Rooms

ILC Support Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
MS Word
MS Powerpoint
MS Excel

Campus Computer Labs

Where Can I Use... ILC supports software video


- Basement North (Titan Lab) Software List
- 1st Floor North (Electronic Resources(ER) and Oasis North(ON)Software List
- 1st Floor Sourth (Oasis SouthSoftware List
- 2nd Floor North (PLN-2 & Bridge PLS-2 ) Software List
- MH47 basement (McCarthy Commons)  Software List
- iMacs availble in Oasis North & Titan Lab.
- Other computer labs on campus

...printers, copiers, scanners, change machines?

- Printers
- Copiers/Change Machine Locations
- How to make copies
- Scanners: located in (Titan Lab) and in (McCarthy Commons)

...wireless printer?

- 1st & 2nd Floor North (Instructions)

Where Can I Get... ILC supports technology video

...TitanCard services?

- 1st Floor South (TitanCard)

...a laptop?

- 1st Floor North (ILC Support Desk)

...storage & media devices?

(Flash drive, Floppy , DVD+R, CD-R, Head Phones)

- 1st Floor North (ILC Support Desk)
- Basement North (Titan Lab)
- MH Basement (McCarthy Commons)

...a study room?

- 1st Floor North Equipped Group Study Rooms (ILC Support Desk)
- 2nd through 4th Floor North along the outside wall regular study rooms

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